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Freeride is run by snowboarders, for snowboarders. The team can hook you up with the latest boards, bindings, expert boot-fitting, and all the gear you’ll need from some of the biggest brands in snowboarding.

Freeride is located next to Harro’s Art Gallery in the Village Square. Come see our team for all your snowboarding needs.

Rental & Pricing – Altitude


Located in Village Square Plaza, in the heart of the Village.

– Rental Snow Boots & Clothing
– Retail Gloves & Goggles
– Lockers *including after hours access within Village Square Plaza
– Complete Ski/Board Tune & Service Centre

Email for pricing, schools or group bookings: blackmountain@bsports.com.au

stocks a vast range of the latest in skis and snowboards to suit all capabilities, as well as ski jackets and ski pants to fit all sizes. Whether beginner or expert, skier or snowboarder, we’ll have the right equipment for your needs. Experienced fitting staff offer excellent advice and friendly service to ensure you have the most suitable gear.

Grimus Ski Centre – Individual Hire


Child Skis Boots & Poles or Snowboard Boots & Bindings & Helmets

Standard Ski OR Snowboard Package659311913514915816713
Standard Skis OR Snowboard BYO BOOTS548611112213314415210
Executive Ski OR Snowboard Package8512014515717520021018
Executive Ski OR Snowboard BYO BOOTS7811012414015017218513
Demo Ski Or Snowboard Package10516323128933638941046
Demo Ski Or Snowboard BYO BOOTS10014920524929334638236
Ski or Snowboard Boots Only3545535766717615

Adult Skis Boots Poles & Helmet or Snowboard Boots Bindings & Helmet

Standard Ski OR Snowboard Package8513215417519220922624
Standard Skis OR Snowboard BYO BOOTS7110511712914115316320
Executive Ski OR Snowboard Package10216218721223325226333
Executive Ski OR Snowboard BYO BOOTS8813516218720722523828
Demo Ski Or Snowboard Package12220126532838143347862
Demo Ski Or Snowboard BYO BOOTS11117423228533438342751
Ski or Snowboard Boots Only52789210311512713418
Kids Ski / Board Package 1 Day$50.40
Kids Ski / Board Package 2 Days$72.00
Kids Ski / Board Package 3 Days$92.70
Kids Ski / Board Package 4 Days$104.40
Kids Ski / Board Package 5 Days$116.10
Kids Ski / Board Package 6 Days$122.40
Kids Ski / Board Package 7 Days$128.70
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 1 Day$42.30
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 2 Days$66.60
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 3 Days$86.40
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 4 Days$95.40
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 5 Days$104.40
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 6 Days$112.50
Kids Ski / Board (BYO Boots) 7 Days$117.90
Adult Jacket & Pants 1 Day$43.20
Adult Jacket & Pants 2 Days$68.40
Adult Jacket & Pants 3 Days$81.00
Adult Jacket & Pants 4 Days$86.40
Adult Jacket & Pants 5 Days$90.90
Adult Jacket & Pants 6 Days$95.40
Adult Jacket & Pants 7 Days$99.90
Adult Jacket Only 1 Day$31.50
Adult Jacket Only 2 Days$48.60
Adult Jacket Only 3 Days$56.70
Adult Jacket Only 4 Days$61.20
Adult Jacket Only 5 Days$65.70
Adult Jacket Only 6 Days$70.20
Adult Jacket Only 7 Days$74.70
Adult Pant Only 1 Day$31.50
Adult Pant Only 2 Days$48.60
Adult Pant Only 3 Days$56.70
Adult Pant Only 4 Days$61.20
Adult Pant Only 5 Days$65.70
Adult Pant Only 6 Days$70.20
Adult Pant Only 7 Days$74.70
Kids Jacket & Pants 1 Day$38.70
Kids Jacket & Pants 2 Days$56.70
Kids Jacket & Pants 3 Days$64.80
Kids Jacket & Pants 4 Days$69.30
Kids Jacket & Pants 5 Days$73.80
Kids Jacket & Pants 6 Days$78.30
Kids Jacket & Pants 7 Days$82.80
Kids Jacket Only 1 Day$27.00
Kids Jacket Only 2 Days$36.00
Kids Jacket Only 3 Days$45.00
Kids Jacket Only 4 Days$52.20
Kids Jacket Only 5 Days$56.70
Kids Jacket Only 6 Days$61.20
Kids Jacket Only 7 Days$65.70
Kids Pant Only 1 Day$27.00
Kids Pant Only 2 Days$36.00
Kids Pant Only 3 Days$45.00
Kids Pant Only 4 Days$52.20
Kids Pant Only 5 Days$56.70
Kids Pant Only 6 Days$61.20
Kids Pant Only 7 Days$65.70

10% discount for booking online. For adults and children. “Package” Includes: Skis or Board, Boots, Poles or Wristguards, and a Helmet. BYO Boots option available. | Standard rental products are suited to beginner to intermediate Skiers and Boarders. We have a wide range of sizes to suit all needs. Head BYS Skis. Burton LTR Snowboards.