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Mt Beauty

As the name implies mt Beauty is a pictures k little town at the foot hill of Falls Creek.Its located in the rich fertile valley of Keiwa. It is surrounded by the Alpine National Park which features lakes, forests and snowfields. For most of the year this sleepy little town is almost picture perfect with its 1950  retro architecture and a pace that you could retire to.But when winter hits ,the town under goes a transformation with would be winter sports enthusiasts busting at the seams to get to Falls Creek.Day and night people flood into the town.The town has all basic services that are needed like ski hire ,a tradition country cafe ,supermarket and petrol station with chain hire.

Mount Beauty was originally established in the 1940s as a base for workers on the Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme. Since then it has developed into a popular tourist town, located 30 kilometres from the major ski resort of Falls Creek and a scenic drive away from Alpine attractions such as Mount Buffalo and Mount Hotham.

The accommodation in Mt Beauty offer a way to have a ski holiday but at considerable saving to that of the mountain. There’s Falls Creek bus service that will take you up the mountain and drop you of a the entrance and pick you up ,that way you don’t have to look for a car park and drive through the snow.


  • ATM
  • 2 Petrol Stations
  • Supermarket
  • Tourist Information
  • Pie Shop
  • 3 cafe
  • Pub