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Driving to Hotham:

Hotham is located 380km from Melbourne via Bright. Bright is the closest town to Hotham, and you can stop here to collect tyre chains and groceries (if required) before you drive up the mountain. From Bright, Hotham Resort is around a 50 minute drive, but this can vary with traffic and snow conditions.

Travel Distances: Distances are based on the most direct route.

From To Hotham
Brisbane     1517km
Sydney         749km
Melbourne     380km
Canberra      492km

Snow Chains

All vehicles accessing Hotham Resort or staying overnight in the resort must carry tyre chains by law. Chains can be hired from a number of outlets in Bright – specific chains are required for different types of vehicles. Note: Diamond pattern chains are the only chains permitted in Hotham Resort. Ladder chains and spider chains are not permitted.

Resort Entry

Resort Entry for Hotham must be purchased online. This can be done via Alpine Easy Access which is smart phone compatible allowing you to purchase your resort entry in advance or even on the way up the hill to the resort – a number plate recognition system applies so getting your vehicle plate details correct is very important. If you don’t pre-purchase your resort entry, you can make use of many Alpine Easy Access self-purchase iPad terminals which are available for guest use at Hotham Central, Hoyts, Hotham Sports and the Resort Management Office. If you prefer not to use the self-purchase iPad stations, head to the Resort Management Office and you can arrange payment by cash or eftpos here.

Resort Entry pricing for 2017 is $47 per day if purchased online, or $52 per day in resort


Parking within Hotham Resort is for day visitors only – long term parking is located just outside the village on the Dinner Plain side. When you arrive in the resort you can unload your luggage in one of many 15/30 minute parking areas near your accommodation. You will then need to take your car to the overnight car park where the free village shuttle bus will pick you up and take you the bus stop nearest your accommodation.

Note: some accommodation options have on-site parking – be sure to confirm with your consultant at the time of booking.

Village Transport

A free village shuttle bus operates throughout the season with a number of bus stops connecting the village and car parking areas. This service runs from 6:45am until late, enabling guests to travel easily about the resort, including accommodation, restaurants and car parks. Your resort entry permit includes this service, so travel on all shuttles is free within the resort.  Exterior ski and snowboard racks mean hassle-free transportation throughout the resort.

Handy Hints

  • When you are leaving Hotham, ensure all snow is cleared from your vehicle – fines and demerits apply for driving with snow on the roof of your vehicle, as this is a hazard for  a number of reasons
  • Before you leave home, ensure your vehicle has anti-freeze and that windscreen wipers, demisters and battery are in good working order
  • Different vehicles require different types/sizes of chains. Ensure you have the right type for your vehicle by researching and hiring from appropriate sources
  • Diesel fuel contains paraffin which can solidify in temperatures below 0 degrees – Alpine Diesel is available at most service stations in the alpine region to prevent this when you arrive in Hotham
  • When parking, don’t leave your handbrake engaged as moisture in the mechanism can freeze and cause the handbrake to become stuck in the engaged position. It is also a good idea to lift your windscreen wipers when leaving the vehicle for an extended period so they don’t freeze to the glass