Aussie Skier Nordica Cruise 85 W Womens Ski Boots

2014 Nordica Cruise 85 W Womens Ski Boots

by: Nordica

Sale  Price $449.00

                          Nordica ski boot sale


The Nordica Cruise, if you go by the name, would have you think it is any but a good skiers boot… with its 85 flex and upgraded quality liner this ski boot is a worthy edition to the mix for a wider foot type who can ski and want a high end performer on their feet. It looks good and it skis good, with a well-balanced stance that gives more feeling through to the snow and good edge to edge performance. Testers believe the flex is underrated and has more under to bonnet than you would think it has… so if you can ski but have a wide forefoot and calf and want to be in comfort when you’re out and about on the hill, this is your boot!

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